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Friday, April 07, 2006

Making a list, checking it thrice

Even before my life started self-disintigrating at the seams I had a plan to sort of fix things up. I have the looming THIRTIETH birthday coming, and like many others before me this has prompted some feelings of un-accomplishment, un-directedness, and general un-preparedness for this landmark of adulthood. But I thrive on deadlines and decided to use this one to my advantage.

So, I set goals for physical exercise, diet, and weightloss. I set goals for keeping in touch with friends & family. I wanted to be re-focused on being more active with my artwork and with the Baha'i Faith. I wanted to re-double efforts on finding a new job and on being a little more active on the dating front.

So on each of these goals I've been working...but apparently someone thought I missed out on the "re-evaluate your finances" goal and wanted to make sure I didn't forget that one. I got it, really, no...really! You can stop dropping the $300/shot hints now!

So I called the police this morning about the vandalism on my car and they told me NOT to remove it, because this is considered a hate crime and the police have to come out and see it....hmmm, I've had my car AND my house broken into and neither warrented having an actual police officer visit the house, just an automated telephone report, but a sharpie marker to the side of my car does? Weird!

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Blogger spera said...

Wow! I thought I had a busy, bad week...

11:20 PM  
Blogger Mara said...

Hang in there, hon.

What else can I say? I feel your pain - as I'm in, oh, the exact same place...

Lots of love and prayers for you, Valerie. You know, you just have to ... focus, focus, focus!!! heeheehee :-)

4:14 AM  
Blogger Trope said...

One thing at a time, eh? I'd love to hear how the police were impressed by the Sharpie on your car. I'm picturing Mayor Daley's Graffiti Blasters, pulling up in front of your place.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

had your car & house broken into and this additional sharpie mark on your car?! i thought you always lived in a safe neighborhood!

9:51 PM  

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