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Friday, August 04, 2006


So I realize that it has been a while since I've posted and if anyone actually checks this blog, I apologize for the long absence of fresh content but since this blog was started as a way to put out random thoughts sporadic posting may actually be more appropriate. This post has actually been sitting waiting to be finished since the beginning of August.

I haven't been busy per se, but I have been using my computer for things other than surfing, chatting, writing, reading, and researching. What's left then? Games...no, I haven't been playing games... I've been enjoying downloading and listening to audiobooks of famous dead authors. Famous, Dead, Female authors primarily.

I went through Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austin), Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austin), Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte), and Anthem (Ayn Rand) in the same week and a half that I finished up The Odyssey (Homer) and a Business Law: Contracts (A college course with a Univ. of Austin Professor, and yes I'm a nerd) on tapes in my car.

I always have a hard time finding books that I really enjoy and so oftentimes when I find an author I like I will read all I can of their stuff. But with modern authors I've found that often their style varies too much and is inconsistent from one book to the next and I'm often dissatisfied with my choices; but with older novelists this doesn't seem to be a problem. Also I've found that the things I seem to enjoy most in novels: character developments, a dialogue-based movement through the plot and an emotional bond to the characters is much more common in older novels. It seems that a lot of newer novelists are either abandoning character development or abandoning plot and purpose all together.

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