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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Time moves on....quickly

I was link surfing today and came across in this blog:
You ever get the feeling that someone just doesn’t want to be your friend anymore? Not in any antagonistic way; just in the “I’m moving on and you don’t fit into my life anymore” kind of way?

I was thinking about that, and about an email I haven't answered yet and wondering if I am The Someone...not the blog posters per se, but The Someone who moves on and leaves others without notice or goodbye. There have been a lot of friends in my life that I've wondered what happened to them and when I found out I was content. I did not want to go back and re-connect or re-establish or re-new. I just wanted to know they were well and where they were.

The email I haven't answered yet is from someone I knew 10 years ago, and although I was really excited to hear from them, once I replied and received a second email I found I had little to say in response. I don't know who I was 10 years ago, or what the dynamics of our friendship were, so I feel like even though I still care for the person as a friend, I do not have any connection to them in my current life. The girl I was then is not the woman I am now, and I care for that girl I was the same way I care for all of her friends...from a bit of a distance. And although I believe that any friendships or connections I had in the past could still be there, I don't know that it is worth the effort or time involved.

How do people maintain not just the love and caring, but the actual relationship with old friends?

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Blogger Trope said...

Hmm, I'm not sure if we can. Or rather, we can acknowledge the love and caring we had for our friends in the past, without feeling obligated to put in the regular work that comes in maintaining a friendship. The only pain and sadness comes when one person really wants to rekindle the friendship and the other is ready to move on.

As the high school reunions loom, I'm worried that I might have to deal with this soon as well. My mother tells me that the only good reunion was the 25th, where it had been 15 years since the previous one and everyone had changed enough to be unrecognizable. She actually has developed some great friendships from that reunion, with people who she never would have spoken to when they were back in school. Everyone changes, you just can't predict what direction they will move in.

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