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Friday, May 19, 2006

What I know is that I think of commission as being my salary. It's what I get paid for the work I do. I do not think of myself as a Customer Service Professional, I think of myself as a Sales Professional. I know that my ability to sell is what pays my rent, and will continue to do so probably through a few more jobs and companies. And yet, I have a love/hate relationship with commission. I do not get paid more for problem customers, or difficult to close sales...but I DO get paid more overall the better I am at dealing with ALL customers and closing as many sales as possible. But there are times, and there are customers with whom I have to deal sometimes that I feel it just isn't worth it, I feel like I'm not paid enough to deal with this customer, or that the amount I get paid will never balance out with the amount of work those customers are going to present. (Ask anyone in retail and they'll tell you that unhappy people are unhappy customers and will make it be known before, during and LONG after the sale).

It is these times that I question the idea of sales, and my position in it. Customers should not receive lesser service because I'm not getting paid enough off of their sale, and I shouldn't get paid less to serve certain customers, and yet each is (when I dig down to analytical layers of my brain that my boss shouldn't hear about) true.

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