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Friday, May 19, 2006

But is it FAIR?

I don't know how many times in my life I will have to run into seemingly different personal obstacles and then later realize they fall under the same category of Justice & Fairness, but it seems to be never ending.

I analyze everything.

That seemed to need to be a paragraph all on its own... It is that important to understand, if one is to understand me.

I analyze everything and I believe that a good deal of my success in life is because of it. I believe that the reason I am good at art, the reason I'm a quick learner, the reason I can solve problems better than the next guy, and the reason I am so good in sales is because I am good at analyzing.

I analyze my personal habits, my emotions, my plans, my surroundings, my reactions, and just about anything that I can.

Other people don't analyze as much as I do....It's hard for me to realize this all the time, but I know it to be true. And I've even tried analyzing whether this is a good thing or a bad thing; I haven't come to a definitive answer, but what I have decided is that:

a. People who don't analyze are much easier to brainwash (and often seem much happier because of it).
b. One should not try to explain how one came to the outcome of analysis to people who don't analyze.
c. It is better to NOT tell people (especially one's boss, professor, or mother) about the shortcomings you've discovered in yourself through self-analysis and are currently working on.

Keeping these three things in mind is important for me, and yet I seem to slip up ALL the time.

Now a smart person doesn't point out their difficulties and shortcomings to their boss.

I'm highly intelligent....I make no claims to being smart.

I know you are not supposed to talk about your job on blogs, but again...I make no claims to being smart. I'll JUST say that I slipped up on point "c" this week and not only had (what I thought was going to be just a discussion) a massive debate with my boss, but a seriously catastrophic collision wherein my boss now believes that I "purposefully" give bad service to certain customers-- simply because I've analyzed my techniques enough to recognize that my feelings (about certain issues in the company that I think are not fair) effect my sales ability and tried discussing the issue itself and its resulting effect. He now feels it necessary to tell me that if I can't give fair, equal, and identical service to ALL customers then I can no longer work for the company....ouch!

I let him know that I always give fair service, but I NEVER give identical service because EACH customer is different and receives their own individualized service. I feel that I am fair, and I try my best to be equal, and I am working to not to let my feelings effect me, but often it requires a conscious effort to overcome unconscious reactions.

No one else would probably even recognize their unconscious reactions, much less try to discuss ethical issues with their boss.

[rainman voice] "Def...def...definitely not that smart, definitely not that smart [/rainman voice]Perhaps I should go back to analyzing "safe" things-- like how to get people to jump out of a plane.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

being too smart, esp. self-recognized, is not necessary a good thing. btw, "always" is a very strong word and should be avoided. being fair is not easy due to the conflict of interests. i think good ethics helps both sales people and the company in the long run.

10:41 PM  
Blogger anonymous said...

i believe you yourself jumped out of a plane the month later. very, very powerful self-analysis!!! :)

if you consider yourself highly intelligent, the following article will give you some good ideas.
Stay Hungrey. Stay Foolish.

thoughts after reading your profile: sales professional for the money.

8:58 PM  

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