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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Love is an action verb.

"In truly compatible relationships, love deepens further between partners through cycles of self-discovery and then rediscovery of each other. Over and over again, they fall in love in slightly different ways, reaffirming their shared commitment toward the relationship they share."

"Your type IS someone who…

* Excites you
* Shares your core values, core traits and relationship skills
* Makes you laugh
* Appreciates your dreams
* Respects you
* Makes you feel good to be around
* Helps you to be a better version of yourself

I've been thinking lately about relationships: those I've known, those I've been around, those I've admired, those I've cringed at, and those that have failed. On one of the surveys I filled out lately for some online deally one of the questions asked what my ideal of romance was and I replied:

"Finding a way to show the person you love your love, kindness, and respect." For some people that may involve candlelight and handholding, flowers or chocolates, front-row seats or trips for two, or it can be as simple as showing up when you said, putting the seat down, or watching the action movie over the girly-flick. And this, of course, holds true for non-romantic relationships as well.

Maybe it is just me and the people I've been around, but I have been noticing a distinct lack of respect, consideration, and selflessness in a lot of people's interactions with their friends and their loved ones.

It often seems that "romantic" gestures are just surface actions done to please the other person, but I think when you consider it a means of showing your love, kindness, and respect for the other person, NOT doing them would not simply be "unromantic", but would be a cause for the other person to question how much you love and respect them.

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