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Friday, September 29, 2006


The Chastity thread got a bit sidetracked when someone came in and called everyone "sheep" without personal philosophy for both believing in God and believing that a human could bring the word of God. He then admitted to being "influenced" by people such as Nietzshce although believes his philosophy is his own. I was just skimming over the debate but cracked up when I read the following:
From "Joe" on Myspace:
If you want to believe that philosophy (especially existentialist and nihilist), and not science, is the ultimate method for human investigation, discovery and understanding, then that's fine, be my guest. Personally, I choose science... Science is given by God, it is the order of nature and it establishes as law that which is reasonable, objective and irrefutable. If you ever find anything in Nietzshce's work which is as beautiful, elegant, perfect and ordered as the quantum mechanical model of the electron, please let me know and I'll happy change sides. Until then...

I love nerds.



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