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Saturday, November 18, 2006


On a lighter note:

I passed 15,000 words on my novel yesterday!!!! Yippee!

Still about 15,000 words behind, but I'm closing the gap!

Want a peek into my novel?

I'll give you the skinny:

Right now
-The narrator just made a funny remark about asymetrical boobs, and she rec'd an odd package in the mail but hasn't opened it yet
-Sara's boss just died. She also recieved an odd package, but isn't going to open it until after she goes grocery shopping.
-Shannon found out her fiance cheated in a most horrific way and then she walked out on her sales job when they took a large account away from her unfairly. She's currently washing every piece of fabric in her house to try to remove his(her now ex-fiance's) smell.
-Christine's daughter has decided to stay with her father for the next few weeks until she takes off for study abroad, Christine's car looks like it is doomed to the scrap heap. She's in the house alone for what seems to be the first time in 20yrs.
-Jeffrey is still trying to save his job and his boyfriend, but it's not looking good
-Lynne is furiously reading through paperwork to figure out how her company's merger is going to effect her (there's some stuff about losing seniority that doesn't look good)

on the other side of the story:

Mr. Ackerman is trying to make sure Mrs. Ackerman doesn't let any of their secrets slip while on pain killers for a broken wrist

Mr.Foster is working on a secret device for the government that would [CENSORED] allowing agents to [CENSORED]. This device may require some training, or recruitment of new agents with experience in [CENSORED].

Mrs. Foster is at home, preparing dinner for a small dinner party and helping the kids perfect their hog-tying/disabling and self-defense moves in between making the different dinner courses and picking up the messages for her next assignment for the [CENSORED].

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