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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hogwarts Protection and Secret Keepers

Jo has said that the secret dies with the secret keeper. But we also know that people who already know where a place is before the secret is made can still find a place --otherwise Sirius would not have been able to rush to the Potter's home after finding out about Pettigrew's betrayal. But if the place was indeed kept secret even after the secret keepers death how would Harry be able to return to Godric's Hollow? And with Dumbledore dead would no one new (who hadn't been told by DD) ever be able to visit the Black house?

The protections Sirius' father put upon the Black residence (making it unplottable & such) still remain after his death, so I would assume the same rules would hold for the protections Dumbledore placed upon Hogwarts. But Harry said he knew as soon as the full body bind released him that he knew Dumbledore was dead-- how many other spells, charms, hex's, etc. would have been lifted upon Dumbledore's death?

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