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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Is Voldemort really Marilyn Manson?

So you remember the comment in the Quibbler about Sirius (that Luna Lovegood later referenced) about Sirius actually being Stubby Boardman, the lead singer in the popular wizarding group The Hobgoblins?

After seeing Voldemort in the most recent movie dressed in lovely Armani Muggle-wear I've decided he is actually just upset that his back story is that he could not make it into the Weird Sisters and that the dirty muggle Marilyn Manson stole "his look" ...that's why he's doing all this acting out.

;) hahaha.

(Although I've heard people seriously theorizing that Regulas Black is "hiding" in the same manner as Dumbledore told Malfoy he could hide Him and his mother, but is actually in disguise as the hairy bass player from the Weird Sisters)

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