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Monday, June 23, 2008

Final Tally Update

I've been trying to buy more environmentally conscious cleaning products over the past year, but with a huge inventory of the standard household cleaners left behind along with an incredibly gross accumulation of what I must imagine is YEARS of shower grime, I've been attacking the bathroom area and the bath/shower in my roommate's old room with gusto. And I am losing the battle. I've probably spent over 6 hours cleaning and several of those scrubbing with and inhaling toxic chemicals and I have to admit that while the shower is now at a level that it doesn't make me shiver at the thought of stepping into it naked it is still not clean. Is there some sort of sandblaster or powerwasher or steam scrubber that can take off years of mildew and soap scum? My arms may be stronger but that seems to be the only real gain so far. The tub and shower wall are still winning.

Oh, and 6 bags of trash, one of recycling, and two for donations have come out of the bathroom so far.

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