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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted!

Still sad I didn't get a sticker, but then we do get a huge rally in Grant park, so I'll call it a draw.

Every year when I go to vote I find issues on the ballot and positions up for grabs that I had no idea about. I always wish I could get the take home test in advance.

I mean really: Water Reclamation District Commissioner? Who knew?

But I DID do my research on judges again this year.

If you don't know most areas have groups who evaluate judges up for election (whether it is for a spot to be filled or just to be re-uped. In Chicago there are something like 6 different peer review boards representing the Law Boards, the GLBT Alliance, fellow judges, etc. that put out information on whether a judge is qualified, recommended, not qualified or not recommended.

Since most people don't review this information it is common for people to simply vote "yes" to reinstate every single judge on the ballot. This makes it difficult to remove judges that are not doing their jobs well.

In reviewing the evaluations I typically look at how many of the organizations felt a judge was not qualified. There were some judges that up to 70% of review boards felt were not qualified for their job. This is pretty significant. Imagine having a judge like that in charge of YOUR trial!

Right...so do your research people the information is out there for you!

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Blogger Abby said...

There's a way to get a sample ballot based on your address before you go to the polls. That's what I did. Printed it out, did the research on everything (though, it's true, I couldn't find much on the Water Reclamation District stuff), marked it on my sample ballot and then brought the ballot with me and just copied it into the machine.

11:13 AM  

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