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Thursday, September 18, 2008

An amazing Tribute

I just got the following email, forwarded to me from my mother:

Since coming to Maine, Allen and I have learned so much about the housing shortage here. There is a huge need for low income/affordable housing here. I calculated this morning that we have provided low income housing for at least 24 families (not including our own) and one small business, here in Maine. Allen has been researching the market and continues to work diligently in this field. We recently have been given the opportunity to to start a non profit organization for low income housing and we've decided to start it in honor of Dave. Had it not been for Dave's undying patience with me in teaching me how to fix all the little things and big things that we've come across, not to mention his constant telephone support, and love and encouragement that I could do anything, we probably would never have gotten into the real estate arena. We are also so grateful to the two of you for your part in our union as husband and wife.

We are planning on naming this non profit "David Neil Brown Housing". We are in contract already to purchase 75 acres of land in Hallowell Maine. The town of Hallowell is thrilled that we are doing this and is offering 100% financing for the new construction, because it seems, that they have just written a new plan for their town and it included the need to focus on affordable housing.


Best wishes and all our love to you,
Connie (and Allen)

Way to make me bawl at work!

I'm so touched and amazed. What an awesome tribute to my Dad!

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You beat me to it... :)

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