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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Searching for Regulus Black

mizz_moony_luver on The Leaky Cauldron has my favorite theory so far...

Looking at the two book rule (As in, how something new introduced in one book shows up as something phenomenally important in next, next one. Such Animagi in book one and three, and Polyjuice Potion in books two and four and so on.) I'd like to duly note that the new "thing" introduced in book five was Metamorphmagi. Following the two book rule, it's safe to assume that Metamorphmagi play a fundamental role in book seven. We know the possibility of Metamormmagi lie in the Black family genes and so there is a far off possibility that Regulus Black might have been a Metamorphmagi as well.

Interestingly, Jo has stated that we'd be "properly introduced" to a member of the Order that we’ve already met. Do you see where I'm going with this yet? Rowling put a lot of effort into naming characters. The name "Regulus" means "Little King" among other things, so who do we know of in the order that has a “kingly” name? KINGSLEY SHACKLEBOLT. We also know that Kingsley was in charge of the search for Sirius and took up the duel with Bella after Sirius was killed. The fact that Kingsley handed the infamous copy of the Quibbler to Arthur that sent fans like me into a tizzy about Reg still being alive could be more then a red herring, it could be a clever little clue from Jo pointing us into the direction of Kingsley!

Regulus Black = Kingsley Shacklebolt.

I like the idea of Regulus as a Metamorphmagi even if I'm not sold on the Kingsley connection. It would seriously undermine the locket theories if Regulus had stolen the locket and then spent all that time around it in OOtP and not mentioned it. It seemed obvious from the note that the person who stole it knew what it was and was going to detroy it. So these two theories don't mesh.

The little "faux death" thing Dumbledore had mentioned would have worked particularly well for Regulus, as he was a Death Eater trying to get out and it would be easy for OOtP people to "kill" him without the DE wondering why.

P.S. I'm on board with the people theorizing that Regulus took Kreacher with him to destroy Voldemort's horcrux.

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