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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Election Love!

National Security (not to mention peace and prosperity) has a lot to do with the view the rest of the world has of us...and right now, I have a feeling a lot of the world is pretty proud of us. Not only for our historic participation in this election, or the newly found national enthusiasm for the political process (and our freedom and right to participate in it) that has so energized our people...But for the dignity and poise our leaders showed in the end. I was genuinely moved by the heartfelt respect and attitude of humility and service both candidates demonstrated. It is rare that such attributes are present and glorified in our political process and it was a beautiful thing to behold.

“O friends, consort with all the people of the world with joy and fragrance. If there be to you a word or essence whereof others than you are devoid, communicate it and show it forth in the language of affection and kindness: if it be received and be effective the object is attained, and if not leave it to him, and with regard to him deal not harshly but pray. The language of kindness is the lodestone of hearts and the food of the soul; it stands in the relation of ideas to words, and is as an horizon for the shining of the Sun of Wisdom and Knowledge.”


Oh, and if you haven't seen this outpouring of love go visit: http://www.zefrank.com/from52to48withlove/

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Blogger Boyan Dimitrov said...

hi valerie, just saying hi because i saw you by chance here. i was just uploading to picasa, which linked me to my totally outdated and primitive blog :-)
how are you? are you coming to the holy day this Wed?

10:00 PM  
Blogger Valerie said...

The Holy Day celebration is on Tuesday night at the same time as my African Dance class (which I'm already probably going to miss too much of), so I won't be going, but I'll be off work Wednesday and was thinking about going to the Temple or hanging out with other Baha'is.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Boyan Dimitrov said...

Thank you for letting me know not to go to the Center on Wed :-) I might have done that, even though I am supposed to be a reader!!! good that Kari sent me a reading today but i may not have paid attention to the date anyway :-)
I am also taking Wednesday off - I told my boss at least 3 months ago. Enjoy the african dance tomorrow. Regards, ~boyan

5:30 PM  
Blogger Boyan Dimitrov said...

OK, time for a real comment :-) I was electrified by this election also, even though ]I also fear that at some point it will be back to politics as usual. One of the reasons I hurried with up my naturalization is so I could be eligible to vote. It was my first vote for any U.S. elected office. After 14 years in the US, I became a U.S. citizen this September, and almost felt entitled that 14 years of diligently paying taxes, without the right to vote, and be in a purely observer status, I finally could have my say as to how my tax dollars should be spent, what the priorities of the government should be, etc. I was met by cynicism and indifference along the way that I was so naive, and how could I believe that my vote could make any difference, but I stuck with it anyway. This is the reason I respect and uphold the founding principles of the USA - because I believe in justice and the pursuit of happiness for all people, and so I wanted to be an active contributor in this participatory democracy of ours, knowing fully that it has its weaknesses and is not a perfect solution. But to just take a back seat and watch as history happen, and complain about this and that at the same time, is not something I could ever be comfortable with.

11:13 PM  

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