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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shopping Spree.

I'm looking to find a new job. So I looked through my wardrobe to figure out what I would wear on an interview and found it terribly lacking. Now the reason for my job search is that the past two years at my current job my pay has been woefully inadequate (as well as having expensive but useless health insurance) so I don't have a lot of money to spend for the old "you gotta spend $ to make $". So after a orientation for a volunteer position yesterday I hit the thrift stores.

Salvation Army at Fullerton and Clybourne... my salvation for all things sweater-y.

Purchased fro $30 + tax:
-One Beautiful Purplish/Majenta Wool sweater with a couple of small holes (repaired in 10 minutes) and one purple long sleeved shirt to wear underneath
-Two Cream colored light cashmere sweaters and one cream long sleeve shirt to wear underneath. One sweater perfect, the other with holes near sleeve cuff--I will convert to 3/4 length sleeves.
-One A-Line knee-length black and white floral skirt with sequins
-One long length very unique black skirt
-Two Business Suit Jackets
-One sweater that I hate the style of but absolutely Love the yarn and will salvage the yarn for knitting

Family Thrift at 2160 N Milwaukee (My FAVORITE thrift store! They are clean, well organized and have FITTING ROOMS!!!)

Purchased for $14 + tax:
-3 pair of jeans! (This is a miracle and is entirely due to the fitting rooms. I have a difficult time finding pants that fit so I usually would not buy where I can't try on. And I usually try on 50+ pair of jeans for every pair I buy-- somehow paying less than $4/pair makes me less picky than when they are $40-$90 and I was lucky to find some that fit fairly well)
-1 pair of awesome pallazo pant dress slacks.
-1 Silk dress shirt
-1 pair of dress shoes

I estimate the MSRP of all of these items new at somewhere over $700. My cost= under $50

Although honestly I'd never pay MSRP for all of those items I'd also say that realistically I'd still feel happy paying $50 for even a single pair of nice pants that fit well and there were probably 3 or 4 items in my purchase that I would have gladly paid $50 retail for had I the money.

Summary: SCORE!!!

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