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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Wow, I hadn't really realized how long it had been since I had posted. I should at least add a few points to play catch-up.

1st--I went home for Thanksgiving and spent a week in Westerville. Since my grandmother passed and they are planning on selling the home my mother was raised in (that my grandfather helped build) there was a large gathering for what is likely the last large gathering for quite a while. 26 people came and it was amazing! From August-November I've seen all of my 17 cousins save one. I also got to hang with some of the next generation of cousins which was a real treat.

2nd--While home I finished NaNoWriMo, for my 4th time (5th attempt). I got quite behind over Thanksgiving and had to put in over 5400 words on the 30th. All quite worthwhile although a bit of a letdown as when I finished there was no one around to celebrate with (and I promptly got into a fight with my mother who seems to think the whole thing a waste).

3rd--Holiday Party overload. December was filled to the brim with holiday parties. By the week before Christmas I was up to two or three events each night to choose among.
Lots of fun, but very tiring. Being that I had taken off a significant amount of time for Thanksgiving I stayed in Chicago for the holiday. Christmas Eve was spent at Kingston Mines enjoying blues with a couple of friends and Christmas day I had a nice lunch with Rachael, Jamie, and the Johns and then took in a movie.

2008 was a rough year...I tend to gloss over the past and go, "No, I'm fine, it wasn't that bad," but really...it had too many really bad things to just gloss over, so for once I'm going to just put a hash mark in that other column. So...Yay 2009!

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