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Friday, March 26, 2010

In the bucket.

So my friend Chris recently posted a blog in which she talked about checking off to-do lists and about making lists of things already done. Kind of like a reverse bucket list, but not necessarily of "desired" items as much as major ones/unique items.

I've thought about the things I've done, but would probably never sit down and tell anyone about them without feeling like I was bragging. But considering no one really reads my blog and it has often been a place for me to "store" a thought, it seems as good a place as any to do this.


1-Spent a month or more in 7 countries (US, Canada, France, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, S.Africa) also Honduras, but since I was 4 at the time I don't really remember much. Canada is the only one that it wasn't a month continuous but rather several trips.
2-Skydiving (2x)
3-Whitewater Rafting (3x)
5-Seen Elephants, Lions, Water Buffalo and Rhino in the wild
6-Been held up at gunpoint
7-Learned to ride horses
8-Performed in the Hoosier Dome and the Indianapolis 500 parade
9-Learned to Lindy (at advanced level)
10-Learned to Knit (at advanced level)
11-Driven a standard transmission car... and have even done so on the "wrong side" of the road.
12-a. Slept outside without a tent
b. Slept outside in a tent--even with Baboons outside and other animals on Game
13-Confronted a Sun Spider
14-Written a significant portion of 5 novels
15-Learned to weld (Mig & Tig)
16-Owned a small collection of power tools including: chainsaw, angle grinder, circular saw, jigsaw, and belt sander
17-Learned to hulahoop and do tricks
18-Swam in the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and a glacial lake (along with a slew of other lakes & ponds)
19-Lost someone very close to me
20-Lived long enough to have forgotten things that were once of great importance :)

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